Ciemiņi no Polijas


Vēstule no Poļu burātājiem...
Viņi aicina pāvilostniekus un pilsētas viesus pievienoties viņiem Polijas 100 gades svinībās kopā ar Polijas vēstnieci Latvijā! 
Sagaidīsim kopā burātājus ierodamies Pāvilosta Marina pēc aptuveni 43 pavadītām stundām jūrā un noburātām 173 jūras jūdzēm!

Dear friends from Pavilosta,

Greetings from Poland! We are a group of Polish sailors from 4 Continents Foundation. For the 3rd time we will be sailing together, as a fleet of 8 yachts, in May (the "long weekend" as it is called in Poland). This is the biggest May sailing on Baltic Sea and this time we are planning to sail to Pavilosta. If the winds are favorable we will reach Pavilosta 1st May before the sunrise. We are looking forward to meet you - the friends from Pavilosta and spend a happy day with you.

This is a special time for us - Polish people. In 1918, Poland became indepentent again, so we celebrate the 100th anniversary of independence. Large changes has taken place during the past 100 years, we are the member of European Union now, together with you. Polish Ambassador, Ms. Ewelina Brudnicka promised to be with us, so join us and have a special time with us. *

We have 173 nM to you, which makes about 43 hours of sailing, but you will easily see our fleet, 1st May, early in the morning.

best regards Polish sailors from 4 Continents Foundation

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