Ahoy, junior sailor! 

For thrill seekers and adventurers of all ages, Pavilosta Marina in Latvia proudly opened an international sailing school in July of 2006. 

Pavilosta Marina’s sailing school offers: 

  • Personal instruction for students – only 3 students per catamaran! 
  • More hands-on practice on the catamaran – plus classroom activities! 
  • An excellent sailing location on the shores of the Baltic Sea! 
  • More than just sailing! 
  • Personable, confident, enthusiastic and professional instructors! 
  • Weekends spent sailing! 

Pavilosta Marina’s sailing school is the first catamaran sailing school in Latvia. High educated sailing instructurs from VDWS sailing school trained our stuff. Now also our instructors can lern basic sailing skills in high quality.Pavilosta Marina's sailing school was founded in June of 2006. 

Set sail for sailing school at Pavilosta Marina! 


Depending on previous theoretical and practical experience, sailing instruction lasts about 12-15 hours. The objectives of instruction are to teach the student to sail so that he or she can: 

  • Correctly and safely operate the sail. 
  • Independently and confidently sail in the learning zone and return to the shore at the starting point with wind speeds up to 3 barometers (up to 5.4 meters/second). 

After 12-15 hours of instruction the student will have the opportunity to complete the sailing exam. After completing instruction it is highly recommended that students spend at least 15 (a minimum of 10) hours sailing on the catamaran with an instructor’s supervision to ensure confidence and safety. These hours are required as part of the sailing license program.

How to find us

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