Welcome, traveler! 

For realists and romantics, amber seekers and budding sailors, students and instructors, travelers and adventurers since May of 2006 lodging is now available on the shore of the Baltic Sea at Pavilosta just 240 km from Riga, 70 km from Ventspils and 54 km from Liepaja! The nearest bus depot, store, bar and information center are all located about 1 km from the lodge.

Our lodging/camping area features: 

  • A guesthouse with 2 rooms 4persons - occupancy and 4 double-occupancy rooms with a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. 
  • Showers and toilets. 
  • Tent, camper, caravan and trailer sites. 
  • A private park and picnic area.  
  • Detailed local tourist information. 
  • Catamaran (TOPCAT K1, K2), cutter and motorboat rental. 
  • Pets friendly camping area.

Also we are offering holiday houses:
Country style - for 2 persons
Black & white style - for 2 persons
Retro style - for 4 persons
Surf style - for 4 persons

Feel welcome in lodging and holiday houses at Pavilosta Marina!

How to find us

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