You’ve seen them… sailing the open waters with the speed of the wind…. sailors hanging off the side of the catamaran… And you’ve wondered: Can I do that? YES! We offer to teach you the skills necessary to enjoy the sea as never before. 

What is required of you? 

Utilizing our TOPCAT K1, K2 and K3 catamarans, we will teach you to sail with great speed, to read the wind and navigate the catamaran with ease. Instruction will begin on the shore, learning about sailing gear. We will teach you how to safely place the boat in the water, how to cast off, maneuver and steer the catamaran. You will practice the role of the captain as well as a crew member, and complete a variety of exercises to help prepare you for the sea. 

What will you learn? 

You will learn a variety of ways to avoid tipping the catamaran and how to quickly and correctly turn over a capsized catamaran (oops!). We will show you how to use trapeze, the most exciting and extreme part of sailing a catamaran! With a catamaran one can turn with the wind or against the wind. We will show you how to do this smoothly without losing speed. Plan on getting a little damp during sailing instruction! We recommend you dress in wind/waterproof pants and jackets or a wetsuit. Waterproof shoes are essential. Other recommended items include sunscreen, sunglasses with a safety strap and a desire to sail.

How to find us

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