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The Northern European yacht agency - Rietuma krasts / West coast, has recently established a new marina! Located between two of Latvia's largest coastal cities Liepaja and Ventspils is the historic coastal town of Pavilosta, home of the new Pavilosta Marina

Pavilosta Marina has been in the planning stages since 2002 and this year we are pleased to announce that work has finally started! The first Pavilosta Marina yacht slips are in place! Work will feverously continue to me the project deadline of 2008! 

Pavilosta Marina's goal is to provide you with superior yacht and cutter services by investing in the latest technologies and a highly qualified staff. In addition, we offer a sailing school, which allows new sailors to learn from our expert sailing instructors. 

Pavilosta Marina was designed for yachters and sailors as well as people who are actively interested in sports and leisure. At Pavilosta Marina you can not only moor your own yacht and take advantage of the marina's yacht services, but also seek catamaran training with the TOPCAT. If captaining your own vessel is not in the plan, you can charter the cutter Jeanneau for a cruise in the beautiful Baltic Sea area around Pavilosta. After a fun-filled day on the water, you are welcome to rest and relax in the holiday house, lodging room or camp by the sea. 

What is ''Marina''?

  • It is a yacht landing with added value (services and activities).
  • It caters to small to mid-size watercrafts and their needs.
  • It provides the following necessities: refueling, fresh water, shopping for food and provisions, internet access, weather updates, warm showers, laundry services as well as sail and motor repair.
  • Value-added features: yacht club, a place to rest, traditional Batlic-style saunas, dining, yacht charters, diving excursions, tourist information, junior sailing school for children, obtaining a yacht operator's certificate, extreme sailing, a place to meet fellow sea-lovers, a bar and guesthouse….. 

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